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¿Por qué Ingles?

14 Mar

              Quisiera tocar este tema ya que muchos nos han hecho esta pregunta.  No solo nos hemos dado cuenta de que existe esta curiosidad, sino que también hay aquellos que les molesta el hecho.  Muchas de estas personas ni se inmutan en escuchar nuestra música, mucho menos ir a un toque, lo cual es triste porque no trata de la calidad de la música ni del género, sino simplemente el hecho de que cantemos en Ingles.  No es mi posición intentar meterme en la mente de estas personas para entender este desagrado tan particular, pero lo que sí quiero ofrecer es la explicación para aquellos que tienen la duda.

              Desde que tengo memoria mi papá tuvo la misión de enseñarme Ingles, ya que el sintió que saber ese lenguaje había contribuido inmensamente al éxito de su carrera.  Su método de enseñanza fue sencillamente hablarme permanentemente en ingles desde bebé, y hasta el día de hoy me comunico con él en ese idioma, a menos que trate de un regaño.  También influyeron bastante los 6 años que estuve en el ISP (International School of Panama) escuela en la cual todas las materias se daban en inglés, excepto Español, por supuesto. Nosotros como banda compartimos muchas influencias similares.  El primer disco que yo me compré estando niño fue el de The Offspring titulado “Americana”.  De ahí recuerdo que empecé a escuchar lo viejo de ellos junto con lo que estaba sacando Blink 182 y así fue como ingresé al Rock.  Los demás de la banda siguieron un camino similar, escuchando Punk Rock, Metal y Hardcore de Estados Unidos.  Por cuestiones del universo, en el año 2006 terminamos juntándonos y componiendo música.

              Considerando que el 75% del rock que escuchábamos era en Ingles, nos tuvo sentido que la música fuese compuesta en ese idioma (la verdad ni le metimos mente, simplemente fluyó de esa forma).  Para ese tiempo yo me estaba encargando principalmente de las letras y tenía facilidad para expresarme en ese idioma.  Luego Ramon empezó a contribuir con las letras y 4 años después, finalizamos las 12 canciones de nuestro primer disco.

              Hoy en día las cosas han cambiado.  La música que escuchamos no es la misma que escuchábamos cuando empezamos a componer.  Nuestros gustos se han ido modificando de acuerdo a los cambios que hemos experimentado a través del tiempo, cosa que le pasa a cualquiera.  Algunos se han mantenido con las bandas que van saliendo en la actualidad, otros se han encontrado más  en la música de antes, otros con la música en español y otros se han abierto a otros géneros fuera del rock.  Últimamente todos hemos evolucionado a un hibrido de los cambios que mencioné y esto se ve reflejado en nuestro carácter de hoy en día.  También se está reflejando en la música que componemos, y con seguridad puedo decir que el próximo disco tendrá canciones en español y en inglés.  Estamos buscando enfrentar nuevos retos y explorando otros sonidos para seguir evolucionando y dejando nuestras huellas en el tiempo.


Sesiones en Piso 3 Studios

14 Mar

Piso 3







Official Fan Site!

18 Mar

Good morning guys,

Short and sweet…

Flawless Dreams: The Gargage Fansite

This is the link to our Official Fan Site for Latin America.  It truly is beyond words to have a group of amazing people create an entire website from scratch designed to show support for what we are doing.  The site was launched just this week and it looks TIGHT!

If there is one thing this band is, it’s LUCKY to have people who believe in what we do and go out of their way to promote our music.  Allow me to introduce the staff…




Simply a breath of fresh air.  Intelligent, organized and enthusiastic.  A great motivator, leader and friend.




TALENTED graphic designer and website developer.  Devoted supporter of the Independent Rock scene in Panama.




Silent character who lets the pictures do most of the talking.  I have probably never seen him without his camera.  Very determined and passionate.

If you haven’t heard anything off the album yet, make sure to take a look at the 9 minute Teaser they put together.  You’ll get a sneak peek of all the songs coming on the album so…CHECK IT OUT!

Lastly…Invite them to your Timeline! @GargageFans

…Info on the album will go on my next post.  Again, LOTS to talk about 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!

From Baltimore…

28 Jan

Tracking the album is officially done!

Bass went by pretty smoothly, Ramon did a good job tracking his parts 🙂  After bass, we began guitars…

Tracking guitars was interesting because I had to write a lot of rhythm parts that I don’t really play on a regular basis.  Joel and I share some lead parts and I had to adapt some of what I regularly play to make solid sounding rhythm tracks for Joel to then play over.  After that I would record the necessary lead parts.  It was a LONG but definitely worthwhile process.

Once guitars were done, it was time for all synthesizer parts.  This flew by ridiculously fast.  Most of the violin and string sounds I had already programmed using MIDI (all notes were mapped out on a grid, perfectly matched to the tempo), so all that was left for Ricky to do was record the more unique sounding synth parts live.


This was probably the most challenging part of the whole recording.  I had all my melodies and lyrics rehearsed, but when the time came to begin to lay down some tracks, Justin began to revise the songs and take a different direction with some he thought needed some help.  This represented the challenge because he got me singing melodies I was not used to singing and he also exploited my range.  Again, the results were really good.  I’m pretty sure the rest of the band thought this was cool because it seemed we were in a point where everybody was already satisfied with all the vocal parts we had, and to hear these changes totally caught us off guard.  We were all happy with the results.

We finished tracking everything up to the last minute.  We listened to every song before leaving the studio just to get a taste of what the album would sound like and everything was sounding great.  I can’t even imagine how good this album is going to sound once its mixed and mastered.

Right now, Rhandy, Joel and I are at IBOT studios with our friends from the band See Camden which I mentioned around 2 posts ago.  They are recording some songs which are sounding ridiculously insane.  More to come on my next post 😀

Any questions?

Studio Update #2

16 Jan

Hey everyone,

Lemme tell you whats been happening ever since the last post…

Drum tracking took a little bit more than we had planned, and Justin spent like 20,000 hours editing drums but it was worth the sacrifice because they sound great!

The rest of the band has been pretty much chilling while Rhandy was tracking.  We’ve watched about a million movies and EVERY SINGLE Jackass episode to date, including the movie 😀

Once Drums were ready, it was time for Bass, so Justin experimented with a couple of amps and cabinets to get the right sound, he also added a couple of pedals in there that I wont be naming hehe 😉

There are a couple of videos on YouTube with Ramon recording some drum tracks.  Lemme tell you guys, Justin did an amazing job with the bass tone.  It sounds powerful and completely relevant to the music.

Today is the second day for Bass, and we are hoping to have it all done by 4pm which is when the Ravens play the Steelers in the playoffs.  Justin has made us all official Ravens fans and apparently this is a VERY IMPORTANT game 😀

On a more personal note…

Working with a producer has been a real learning experience.  I’ve never had the chance to work with a professional when writing music and he really does bring out the best of each one of us.  Some songs have changed, and I admit I have struggled a bit to accept the changes, but at the end of the day its about trusting someone with something you value so much and achieving a greater outcome.

More to come! stay tuned…

A Quick Update…

24 Oct

Hello readers!

It is a sunny afternoon here in Panama City, Panama and I feel the urge to write.

Basically I’m going to write about what the band has been up to lately.

Our Webpage

We came up with this concept a while back.  We decided we needed a website we could call our own and thanks to the talent of out Lead Guitar player Joel, this is becoming a reality.  For those of you who don’t know, Joel is an amazingly talented Graphic Designer and he also happens to design websites.

Our website will include the images to a photo campaign I will be introducing in this blog, videos, a meet the band section, links to all of our pages in the social media networks were associated with for example Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, WordPress etc… among other little surprises.  It will be ready real soon so we are really looking forward to that!

Pre-production to our Debut Album

Getting in the studio and jamming out our old, new and current songs in order to; first of all, modernize them to the best of our ability.  This process has proved to be amazing.  It is actually the first time we are rehearsing our songs freely with no show in mind and with no pressure on our backs.  We are free to improvise and think outside the box with our music which is a first.  We have already achieved major improvements on some of our old songs.  Our debut album will sound amazing.  If it doesn’t we’ll probably jump off a bridge or something…no biggie.

A lot more coming up so keep in touch!

Our First Recording Contract

21 Oct

The story of how we signed a contract to record our first album is one of coincidence and opportunity.

In today’s story, Ramon is the main character and Baltimore, Maryland is the setting.

During the time that Ramon went off to college in Maryland, he was determined to become involved in the US rock scene.  He had always showed interest in playing bass for a band in the US and this would be his chance to do so.  He got a hold of a local rising band in Maryland which was coincidently in need of a bass player before his departure, and before he (or any of us in that case) knew it, he was the bass player for Rescue the Hero (http://www.myspace.com/omgrescuethehero).

Rescue the Hero went on various tours playing small to medium sized venues around the area and Ramon obtained a taste of what touring with a band in the US was like.  He was adapting quickly, learning a great deal and making good friends in the process.  Among the closest of friends he made were the members of another local Pop-Rock band known as Victory by Revenge (http://www.myspace.com/victorybyrevenge).

Victory by Revenge eventually decided to record a cover version of Justin Beiber’s “One Time” in New Noise Recording Studios with producer Justin Day.  Ramon decided to tag along and so that is how Ramon met Justin Day.  Justin Day took a listen to some of our music and quickly became interested in the project and that’s when he decided he would like to produce our first album.

He sent me the contract which I signed live on the video below… 🙂

New noise Recording Studios January 2011…Here we come!!

Promotional Video for YouTube.

31 Aug

Here is a video we are using as an “Intro” we can say to our YouTube channel.  It’s a compilation of footage collected by the amazingly talented girls from TooMuchPanama.com in our “Home at Last Show” at La Quadra Theatre in June.

I don’t know how they managed to narrow about an hour of footage into one intense minute, but then again they are ridiculously imaginative and they pulled it off flawlessly.  If you liked this video, there’s plenty more to watch, and it’s all in their website.

For those of you who don’t know them already, they are a group of three girls who have independently created a webpage featuring videos which cover events, interviews, self-directed miniseries and clips of whatever hilarious idea pops into their heads.  Now, they are very clever and insanely creative so I must insist you check out their work.  A link to their page can be found below.

I’ll also add that they are brilliant, down to earth individuals, and loads of fun to be around.  They are always overflowing with positive energy and tons of charisma.  Often spotted wearing flashy colored sunglasses, possibly a neon wig and a video camera.


Long Distance Relationship (Part II)

20 Aug

Continued from “Long Distance Relationship (Part I)”

"PTY Beautiful Day!" by Andres E. Rivera

Nothing is achieved solely on obtaining knowledge from reliable sources unless you apply what you learn. Implementing is taking control of your career on your own terms. The interesting part about engaging in this industry is that a lot of the stuff you read, however recent it may be, is probably outdated once you put the book down. I say interesting because this is an opportunity to analyze the current situation and tailor a plan that suits your needs. The most exciting part of this career consists on making plans and setting goals, only to watch these plans change in the face of new knowledge that is picked up. Every situation is unique and every decision is crucial.

I leave this for last because it is the gasoline that fuels the fire I described above. Your music is like your birth certificate, without it, there is no record you ever existed. Our biggest accomplishment so far I believe is having finished writing all the songs for our first release. Although it might not seem like much, it is the only aspect of this career that truly fills your heart. It is the one intangible item that is yours to keep, and nobody can take that away from you. On its way via mail is the first contract we will ever sign as a band. That contract assures us that by January 7, 2011, we will be at New Noise Recording Studios in Baltimore, Maryland, recording our first ever professional grade release. Apart from feeling astonished by the idea of being there, and the impatience of waiting for that date to arrive, we see this as a challenge, given that 60% of the songs on that release we have never played together.

It will be interesting to see how the music we have managed to record throughout this time comes to life when we begin rehearsing again on May of this year. More exciting is the idea of playing live once again to our beloved Panamanian audience and seeing their reaction to our new material. So many things to look forward to while I sit on this desk, during my work shift here at Louisville…

Thank you for letting us share this excitement with you.

Recommended Readings:

• The Tour Book: How to Get Your Music on the Road, by Andy Reynolds
• The Indie Band Survival Guide: The Complete Manual for the Do-It-Yourself Musician, by Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan
• Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook: 201 Self-Promotion Ideas for Songwriters, Musicians and Bands on a Budget, by Bob Baker
• This Business of Concert Promotion and Touring, by Ray Waddell, Rich Barnet, and Jake Berry
• Tour Smart: And Break the Band, by Martin Atkins”

Long Distance Relationship (Part I)

20 Aug

On today’s entries, I’d like to share a post I made on February of this year, about 3 months before my graduation.  Gargage had been separated for the past year and month but I was filled with optimism about getting back together once I arrived…

February 12, 2010

“Hello Fellow Readers,

It’s funny how most parents think that college is that time in life where their kids learn to make sense of the world, and at the same time realize that they can’t live in a place in which childish dreams predominate. It’s also funny how I’m sitting at work here in Louisville in the last semester of my senior year and all I can think about is going back home and rehearsing all of the band’s new material.

After a year and so of being physically separated as a band, our drive and motivation is stronger than it’s ever been. During this time apart we have managed to write more music than we did during the time we were together, increase our Internet presence and put together the logistics of our marketing strategies for our debut release in 2011.

In the midst of great change, we have managed to pull through the current with our arms gripped tightly together, and this is something we are proud of, something we’d like to share. We’d like to let you in on the details of what this experience has been like, as well as portray all the effort that has been put into this long distance relationship…

What is it that motivates you to focus your interest on figuring out how to make a living out of music? If there really was an answer to that question, the feeling would probably be artificial.
Joel describes it as a fire that burns within which needs to be fed by the feeling of playing live, creating music and making an impact on others through your music. If that fire ever went out, life would become cold and dull. When we started playing in 2007 we developed a passion to become better musicians and performers. This passion gave birth to a new breed of friendship, comparable to a brotherhood. We became a family determined to spend, if not the rest of our lives, the longest time to the best of our capacity being musicians and playing for those who enjoyed our music. Being as motivated to carry on as we were, we came across the question: How can we accomplish this lifestyle we desire so much? The search for this answer gave rise to the learning process…

The Learning Process
This is what I (and probably many) call “doing your homework”. In theory it is the easiest concept, but in practice it requires a lot of time and energy on behalf of the entire team. By team, I mean those in charge of administrating/managing/financing the band’s operations. Some bands have a record label that does this part for them, but in our case, as well as the case of most independent bands, we carry out all these tasks on our own.

Basically, this step has consisted of going over recent and current data on the music industry. This data is made up of articles that have been published, books released, interviews and any other resource that you can think of having to do with the current state of the industry, specifically your niche market. In our case, a large part of our time has been devoted to reading textbooks related to learning how to maneuver inside the industry as an independent band, books on the topics of touring, recording and producing music and

self promotion are quite essential as well. For a list of our personal recommendations, check out the bottom of this entry (meaning the next one in this case).

"PTY Beautiful Night!" by Andres E. Rivera

Continued on “Long Distance Relationship (Part II)”...