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We Take This Seriously…

1 Nov

Hello everyone,

A couple of days back; we launched our first photo campaign titled “We take this seriously”.  The idea came a while ago when Joel began to explain the concept of a photo advertising campaign.  This particular campaign would serve towards giving our band the professional image it deserves and it would also be a great feature to include in our website.

After an intense brainstorming session one Saturday, we came up with the ideas for the three photos we were going to take.  These photos would be accompanied by a short copy describing the concept creatively.  We then carried out a few meetings in order to get the details settled (what photographer, setting, wardrobe, props, etc…).  Once everything was settled, it was time to execute.

We met with Abdelitoh Troy; a young, Panamanian photographer who is quickly gaining recognition for his picture taking not only here in Panama, but internationally as well (he just won a scholarship to obtain his masters degree in Spain, how amazing is that!).  We didn’t really know what to expect.  We had heard great things about him and after our first meeting; we knew we had acquired a friend.

We decided on dates for the photo shoots and then booked the locations.  It was our job to prepare the sets as well according to the concepts we had decided on.  Joel took the responsibility of editing the pictures once they were given to us. It was a lot of work, but the end result definitely made it all worth it.  Below are the three pictures along with their copy…

At the Show

So what if they don’t want to listen? There are probably millions just like them, but among those millions there are thousands that do want to listen, and we’d have no problem playing our hearts out for them every night, because at the end of the day it’s quite clear…We take this seriously.

At the Office

We don’t like to call it our job, but then again, what else would you call the endless hours we devote to fueling our dream? Whether its producing tunes, working on designs or managing finances, at the end of the day its quite clear…We take this seriously.

At the Studio

Cramming into a room not big enough to fit the band is not exactly comforting, but when succeeding is the ultimate goal, comfort is not always an option. We do what it takes; even if that means sacrificing a few commodities here or there because at the end of the day it’s quite clear…We take this seriously.


A Quick Update…

24 Oct

Hello readers!

It is a sunny afternoon here in Panama City, Panama and I feel the urge to write.

Basically I’m going to write about what the band has been up to lately.

Our Webpage

We came up with this concept a while back.  We decided we needed a website we could call our own and thanks to the talent of out Lead Guitar player Joel, this is becoming a reality.  For those of you who don’t know, Joel is an amazingly talented Graphic Designer and he also happens to design websites.

Our website will include the images to a photo campaign I will be introducing in this blog, videos, a meet the band section, links to all of our pages in the social media networks were associated with for example Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Myspace, WordPress etc… among other little surprises.  It will be ready real soon so we are really looking forward to that!

Pre-production to our Debut Album

Getting in the studio and jamming out our old, new and current songs in order to; first of all, modernize them to the best of our ability.  This process has proved to be amazing.  It is actually the first time we are rehearsing our songs freely with no show in mind and with no pressure on our backs.  We are free to improvise and think outside the box with our music which is a first.  We have already achieved major improvements on some of our old songs.  Our debut album will sound amazing.  If it doesn’t we’ll probably jump off a bridge or something…no biggie.

A lot more coming up so keep in touch!


14 Aug

So why start a blog?

Plain and simple; I want to share the story of Gargage.

After playing together for four years, and of course, graduating from college and being thrown into whatever the hell this mess of life after graduation is, we realized that if we wanted to make a living off our music it was time to get serious.

As an independent band in a country where rock music is at the bottom of the food chain, we are faced with several challenges, some of which are unique to us; given our place of origin and the resources (or lack thereof) we have at our disposal.  How we intend to tackle these challenges is where the story gets interesting, hence, the birth of this blog.

Here you will find…

  • Details on how we manage to keep a “working team” mindset.
  • Personal insight on our current and future plans and how we go about developing them.
  • Personal sources of inspiration (Books, articles, blogs, music etc…)
  • Updates on performance dates, recording sessions and everything in between.

Things to look forward to reading about in this blog…

  • First and foremost, travelling to the US to record our first album in 2011!
  • The process of developing our own advertising campaigns (did I mention we are an independent band?).
  • Pre-producing the songs that will be going on our first album.

Enough said on this first post.  There are still 4 years of past trajectory to go through and I will be doing so briefly on the next one.  Oh, and it would probably be a good idea to introduce the rest of the band so be sure to stay in touch and happy reading!

Gargage Artwork. By Joel Mendez (Oh Yes Yo!)