“Believe in the dreamer”

Lead guitarist for Gargage who also happens to be an insanely skilled graphic designer and an experienced computer wiz. Known as the “artsy” character of the band, his creativity knows no boundaries. Often spotted wearing flip-flops and one of a variety of carefully selected cap accessories over his head.


“Comforting words for a confused heart”

Songwriter/arranger, lead vocalist and guitar player. Known to spend countless hours in the depths of his room with lights dimmed searching for inspiration to his next song. A very disciplined character who tends to push himself and others to perfection (or its closest equivalent). Often spotted wearing a light red beard and intensely beat up chucks.


“Opportunities are only for the taking”

A bass player with a keen eye for business opportunities. Ramon can best be described as a young entrepreneur who always carries a Plan B under his sleeve. Recognized for speaking anything and everything that’s on his mind, and his inability to sit still. Often spotted wearing a blue cookie monster t-shirt and enormous sneakers.


“Don’t look back and say, why? Look forward and say, why not?”

The drummer that everybody likes to be around. Rhandy thrives on his easygoing nature and his rare and genuine f*ck it attitude. Comfortable around crowds, his charisma caries a particular shine at parties and other social gatherings which he tends to frequent quite often. Often spotted wearing a hat on backwards and any t-shirt off the Hurley catalog.


Responsible for the synthesizer and vocal harmonies. Ricky can regularly be found spending his afternoons in the gym; though under his bulky frame, he is regarded by many as the band’s sweetheart. Will offer nothing less than true friendship and will not expect anything in return. Often spotted wearing shorts and a fitted shirt (generally sleeveless for display purposes).


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