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CD Release

25 Apr
Hello people!

Ive got lots to talk about but im going to be as brief as possible 🙂

  • Our album has been released digitally!  This is a huge milestone for the band considering we’ve been playing together since 2007 and we finally got the opportunity to record an entire album professionally.

This is the the album cover and also the link to download the album for free!

"Believe in the Dreamer" Free Download!

  • CD Release party is under way!  Its shaping up to be a pretty cool event; Great sound, great lights and good atmoshphere.  Its also going to be an all ages event which is even better because we stuggle with that a lot considering rock is mostly played in +18 bars here.
  • Were going to have merch! Were finally gonna have the physical copies of the album and other surprises were working on.

btw rehersals for the release party are sounding amazing, we’re insanely excited about this show!

Thank you all for reading!