Long Distance Relationship (Part I)

20 Aug

On today’s entries, I’d like to share a post I made on February of this year, about 3 months before my graduation.  Gargage had been separated for the past year and month but I was filled with optimism about getting back together once I arrived…

February 12, 2010

“Hello Fellow Readers,

It’s funny how most parents think that college is that time in life where their kids learn to make sense of the world, and at the same time realize that they can’t live in a place in which childish dreams predominate. It’s also funny how I’m sitting at work here in Louisville in the last semester of my senior year and all I can think about is going back home and rehearsing all of the band’s new material.

After a year and so of being physically separated as a band, our drive and motivation is stronger than it’s ever been. During this time apart we have managed to write more music than we did during the time we were together, increase our Internet presence and put together the logistics of our marketing strategies for our debut release in 2011.

In the midst of great change, we have managed to pull through the current with our arms gripped tightly together, and this is something we are proud of, something we’d like to share. We’d like to let you in on the details of what this experience has been like, as well as portray all the effort that has been put into this long distance relationship…

What is it that motivates you to focus your interest on figuring out how to make a living out of music? If there really was an answer to that question, the feeling would probably be artificial.
Joel describes it as a fire that burns within which needs to be fed by the feeling of playing live, creating music and making an impact on others through your music. If that fire ever went out, life would become cold and dull. When we started playing in 2007 we developed a passion to become better musicians and performers. This passion gave birth to a new breed of friendship, comparable to a brotherhood. We became a family determined to spend, if not the rest of our lives, the longest time to the best of our capacity being musicians and playing for those who enjoyed our music. Being as motivated to carry on as we were, we came across the question: How can we accomplish this lifestyle we desire so much? The search for this answer gave rise to the learning process…

The Learning Process
This is what I (and probably many) call “doing your homework”. In theory it is the easiest concept, but in practice it requires a lot of time and energy on behalf of the entire team. By team, I mean those in charge of administrating/managing/financing the band’s operations. Some bands have a record label that does this part for them, but in our case, as well as the case of most independent bands, we carry out all these tasks on our own.

Basically, this step has consisted of going over recent and current data on the music industry. This data is made up of articles that have been published, books released, interviews and any other resource that you can think of having to do with the current state of the industry, specifically your niche market. In our case, a large part of our time has been devoted to reading textbooks related to learning how to maneuver inside the industry as an independent band, books on the topics of touring, recording and producing music and

self promotion are quite essential as well. For a list of our personal recommendations, check out the bottom of this entry (meaning the next one in this case).

"PTY Beautiful Night!" by Andres E. Rivera

Continued on “Long Distance Relationship (Part II)”...


One Response to “Long Distance Relationship (Part I)”

  1. ale.sousa August 20, 2010 at 3:00 am #

    I’m so proud of u guys..even though this period of knowing u has been short, I feel close to you guys and I’ll support u 100 %

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