The Past.

16 Aug

Like I mentioned on my last post, we’ve been playing together for four years up to this date.  The first two years and a half can be summed up as spent doing the following activities:

Recording Demos.

-Some have been recorded by Daniel Tapia, current drummer of another Independent Panamanian band “Pepe Bahia”, in his home studio.  These are “Vinegar”, “When a Saturday Seems Like a Sunday”, “Stand Alone”, “What You Want” and “Fingers Towards the Sky”.

-The rest have been recorded on our own using our equipment.  Most of these we haven’t uploaded to any site because they lack the quality we desire.  These were recorded, we could say, for the sake of keeping our song ideas in a solid structure for when the time came to re-record these and put them into a professional-grade album.

-Having all our songs in a recorded format also carries the benefit of allowing us to rehearse our songs individually in our own time, which is crucial at this point, considering we don’t make a living off of our music (yet!) and we have other time consuming activities we have to carry out in order to make cash.

Playing Gigs

-At bars, theatres, festivals, fundraisers and the works.

-Gigs are very often organized by the bands playing that night.  Very rarely is a band privileged enough to worry only about arriving at the venue at a given time, playing their set-list and calling it a night.  Artists have to carry out the role of manager, booking agent and promoter for their band at every show.  Reason for which I believe many local bands have called it quits once they realize that being independent was not as simple as they had expected.  One thing I’ve learned throughout these years is to accept it and run with it.

Gargage @ La Quadra Theatre


Through our Internet pages mostly (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Youtube etc…)

This entails renovating them every so often, making new friends, uploading our music, pictures, videos, keeping our information up to date, replying to messages, commenting, responding to comments made by others, updating our status and then some.  It’s not really a workload if you love what you are doing.

I should clarify that these activities were being done while all of us attended college and held jobs, some of us them full time.  We were clear about what we wanted to achieve, but we weren’t sure how.  All we knew was that money would be involved, and so saving was (and still is) a necessity.

After about two years and a half together, it was time for some of us to finish our undergraduate degrees abroad.  I travelled over to Louisville, Kentucky where I studied until I graduated in May 2010.  Ramon (Bass) went to Baltimore, Maryland and Rhandy (drums) went to Florida for flight school.  We were physically separated as a band for about a year and a half which could have been detrimental had we not been determined to keep the dream alive.

The story of our time apart will be the topic of my next post.  Happy Reading!


3 Responses to “The Past.”

  1. xAnitahx August 16, 2010 at 4:29 am #

    wow!! es tan cool haber leido de la banda antes de haberlos conocido… me encanta esto que estas haciendo, asi podemos estar mas de cerca con Gargage… porfavor no dejes de hacerlo 😀


    Anita (:

  2. Shannon August 16, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    Hey I’m glad you decided to write this blog in english! Staying consistent to your goals and your desired audience in the US! MUY BUENO! I’ll to promote your blog more here in states!

    Keep your dreams big!


  3. AndresEloy August 16, 2010 at 11:13 pm #


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