¿Por qué Ingles?

14 Mar

              Quisiera tocar este tema ya que muchos nos han hecho esta pregunta.  No solo nos hemos dado cuenta de que existe esta curiosidad, sino que también hay aquellos que les molesta el hecho.  Muchas de estas personas ni se inmutan en escuchar nuestra música, mucho menos ir a un toque, lo cual es triste porque no trata de la calidad de la música ni del género, sino simplemente el hecho de que cantemos en Ingles.  No es mi posición intentar meterme en la mente de estas personas para entender este desagrado tan particular, pero lo que sí quiero ofrecer es la explicación para aquellos que tienen la duda.

              Desde que tengo memoria mi papá tuvo la misión de enseñarme Ingles, ya que el sintió que saber ese lenguaje había contribuido inmensamente al éxito de su carrera.  Su método de enseñanza fue sencillamente hablarme permanentemente en ingles desde bebé, y hasta el día de hoy me comunico con él en ese idioma, a menos que trate de un regaño.  También influyeron bastante los 6 años que estuve en el ISP (International School of Panama) escuela en la cual todas las materias se daban en inglés, excepto Español, por supuesto. Nosotros como banda compartimos muchas influencias similares.  El primer disco que yo me compré estando niño fue el de The Offspring titulado “Americana”.  De ahí recuerdo que empecé a escuchar lo viejo de ellos junto con lo que estaba sacando Blink 182 y así fue como ingresé al Rock.  Los demás de la banda siguieron un camino similar, escuchando Punk Rock, Metal y Hardcore de Estados Unidos.  Por cuestiones del universo, en el año 2006 terminamos juntándonos y componiendo música.

              Considerando que el 75% del rock que escuchábamos era en Ingles, nos tuvo sentido que la música fuese compuesta en ese idioma (la verdad ni le metimos mente, simplemente fluyó de esa forma).  Para ese tiempo yo me estaba encargando principalmente de las letras y tenía facilidad para expresarme en ese idioma.  Luego Ramon empezó a contribuir con las letras y 4 años después, finalizamos las 12 canciones de nuestro primer disco.

              Hoy en día las cosas han cambiado.  La música que escuchamos no es la misma que escuchábamos cuando empezamos a componer.  Nuestros gustos se han ido modificando de acuerdo a los cambios que hemos experimentado a través del tiempo, cosa que le pasa a cualquiera.  Algunos se han mantenido con las bandas que van saliendo en la actualidad, otros se han encontrado más  en la música de antes, otros con la música en español y otros se han abierto a otros géneros fuera del rock.  Últimamente todos hemos evolucionado a un hibrido de los cambios que mencioné y esto se ve reflejado en nuestro carácter de hoy en día.  También se está reflejando en la música que componemos, y con seguridad puedo decir que el próximo disco tendrá canciones en español y en inglés.  Estamos buscando enfrentar nuevos retos y explorando otros sonidos para seguir evolucionando y dejando nuestras huellas en el tiempo.


Sesiones en Piso 3 Studios

14 Mar

Piso 3







CD Release

25 Apr
Hello people!

Ive got lots to talk about but im going to be as brief as possible 🙂

  • Our album has been released digitally!  This is a huge milestone for the band considering we’ve been playing together since 2007 and we finally got the opportunity to record an entire album professionally.

This is the the album cover and also the link to download the album for free!

"Believe in the Dreamer" Free Download!

  • CD Release party is under way!  Its shaping up to be a pretty cool event; Great sound, great lights and good atmoshphere.  Its also going to be an all ages event which is even better because we stuggle with that a lot considering rock is mostly played in +18 bars here.
  • Were going to have merch! Were finally gonna have the physical copies of the album and other surprises were working on.

btw rehersals for the release party are sounding amazing, we’re insanely excited about this show!

Thank you all for reading!

Official Fan Site!

18 Mar

Good morning guys,

Short and sweet…

Flawless Dreams: The Gargage Fansite

This is the link to our Official Fan Site for Latin America.  It truly is beyond words to have a group of amazing people create an entire website from scratch designed to show support for what we are doing.  The site was launched just this week and it looks TIGHT!

If there is one thing this band is, it’s LUCKY to have people who believe in what we do and go out of their way to promote our music.  Allow me to introduce the staff…




Simply a breath of fresh air.  Intelligent, organized and enthusiastic.  A great motivator, leader and friend.




TALENTED graphic designer and website developer.  Devoted supporter of the Independent Rock scene in Panama.




Silent character who lets the pictures do most of the talking.  I have probably never seen him without his camera.  Very determined and passionate.

If you haven’t heard anything off the album yet, make sure to take a look at the 9 minute Teaser they put together.  You’ll get a sneak peek of all the songs coming on the album so…CHECK IT OUT!

Lastly…Invite them to your Timeline! @GargageFans

…Info on the album will go on my next post.  Again, LOTS to talk about 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!

Back in Panama!

17 Mar

Hello everyone,

There’s been so much going on since we got back from the states.  It was definitely time to get back on track and keep writing.  There is a LOT to catch up on and I know you don’t have much time so here it goes.

I finally got a solid job I can enjoy. Finally a solid income!  Making plans is fun, but funding these plans is hard work.

General Update:

1.      Fundacion Rockístmo;  A non-profit organization dedicated to creating the means to export independent Panamanian rock bands to other countries in South America, has decided to team up and lend us a hand with releasing and promoting our album.  They do everything related to organizing successful events.  This involves raising funds (through sponsors), booking (venue, sound engineers, and equipment), promoting (fliers, videos, radio, and national television) and overall logistics management.

2.      Our first show since we got back is Rockístmo Sessions 2011 this Sunday, March 20th.  It will take place in the Maria Torrez de Arauz Theater (Its outdoors and amazing!…displayed below) and we will share the stage with two other bands from Panama; SK and Grannada.  We will be playing last before the headliner which will is “The Great Wilderness” from Costa Rica.

The Great Wilderness

Reina Torres de Arauz Theater


3. Flyer and Promotional Video for Rockistmo Sessions 2001

There’s a lot more to talk about but I’m not planning on taking up too much of your time.

On my next post (tomorrow):

  • Launch of the Official Gargage Fan Site for Latin America.
  • Album release (Digital and Physical)

P.S. I don’t think I’ve ever been so psyched in my life.  There’s so much going on and I am insanely happy and grateful.

From Baltimore…

28 Jan

Tracking the album is officially done!

Bass went by pretty smoothly, Ramon did a good job tracking his parts 🙂  After bass, we began guitars…

Tracking guitars was interesting because I had to write a lot of rhythm parts that I don’t really play on a regular basis.  Joel and I share some lead parts and I had to adapt some of what I regularly play to make solid sounding rhythm tracks for Joel to then play over.  After that I would record the necessary lead parts.  It was a LONG but definitely worthwhile process.

Once guitars were done, it was time for all synthesizer parts.  This flew by ridiculously fast.  Most of the violin and string sounds I had already programmed using MIDI (all notes were mapped out on a grid, perfectly matched to the tempo), so all that was left for Ricky to do was record the more unique sounding synth parts live.


This was probably the most challenging part of the whole recording.  I had all my melodies and lyrics rehearsed, but when the time came to begin to lay down some tracks, Justin began to revise the songs and take a different direction with some he thought needed some help.  This represented the challenge because he got me singing melodies I was not used to singing and he also exploited my range.  Again, the results were really good.  I’m pretty sure the rest of the band thought this was cool because it seemed we were in a point where everybody was already satisfied with all the vocal parts we had, and to hear these changes totally caught us off guard.  We were all happy with the results.

We finished tracking everything up to the last minute.  We listened to every song before leaving the studio just to get a taste of what the album would sound like and everything was sounding great.  I can’t even imagine how good this album is going to sound once its mixed and mastered.

Right now, Rhandy, Joel and I are at IBOT studios with our friends from the band See Camden which I mentioned around 2 posts ago.  They are recording some songs which are sounding ridiculously insane.  More to come on my next post 😀

Any questions?

Studio Update #2

16 Jan

Hey everyone,

Lemme tell you whats been happening ever since the last post…

Drum tracking took a little bit more than we had planned, and Justin spent like 20,000 hours editing drums but it was worth the sacrifice because they sound great!

The rest of the band has been pretty much chilling while Rhandy was tracking.  We’ve watched about a million movies and EVERY SINGLE Jackass episode to date, including the movie 😀

Once Drums were ready, it was time for Bass, so Justin experimented with a couple of amps and cabinets to get the right sound, he also added a couple of pedals in there that I wont be naming hehe 😉

There are a couple of videos on YouTube with Ramon recording some drum tracks.  Lemme tell you guys, Justin did an amazing job with the bass tone.  It sounds powerful and completely relevant to the music.

Today is the second day for Bass, and we are hoping to have it all done by 4pm which is when the Ravens play the Steelers in the playoffs.  Justin has made us all official Ravens fans and apparently this is a VERY IMPORTANT game 😀

On a more personal note…

Working with a producer has been a real learning experience.  I’ve never had the chance to work with a professional when writing music and he really does bring out the best of each one of us.  Some songs have changed, and I admit I have struggled a bit to accept the changes, but at the end of the day its about trusting someone with something you value so much and achieving a greater outcome.

More to come! stay tuned…

Studio Update

12 Jan


We’ve been at the studio for a couple of days now, so let me tell you what we’ve been up to…

Justin Day is our producer and I will be mentioning him quite often so start getting familiar with the name 🙂

The first thing we did was pre-production.  Now let me tell you, I was nervous as hell for some reason and I screwed up a whole bunch of times.  For the entire first song we played, my guitar was completely out of tune.  After that it took us about 2 more songs to “get in the zone”.  Justin recorded all of our songs live.  We had no tempo track* or anything, we just jammed them out so that Justin could have something to work with.

After having all 12 songs recorded as rough drafts, Justin labeled the choruses, pre-choruses, verses, bridges, etc… Once the necessary parts were labeled, he began to cut out what he wasn’t so sure about, move parts around, play with the arrangement of our songs and put together new drafts for some of them.

We then got back in the live room and jammed these out just to get familiar with the songs that changed.  I immediately proceeded to record scratch guitars** over the tempo track so that Rhandy would have better guidance when recording drums.

The next day, Rhandy recorded the drum parts for 6 of the songs and Justin spent the rest of the day editing these.  Rhandy was TIRED when he finished.  He played drums for about 8 hours straight!

…and this is where this entry finishes 🙂  Make sure to check out this blog every once in a while if you want to keep track of what were doing!

Small Glossary 🙂

*tempo track:  The continuous “click” that keeps track of the pace of the song.  It is used to prevent musicians from speeding up or slowing down the pace.

**scratch guitars:  Guitars recorded over the tempo track that serve as more guidance for the drummer and bassist when recording their parts.

Update from Baltimore!

5 Jan

Hey everyone,

It’s around 3am here in Baltimore and I can’t sleep so I will write haha.

Just so we are all on the same page, we don’t get into the studio until the 7th of January.  Right now we are living in a dorm room that was kindly provided to us by a Panamanian friend who is going to college here.

These past couple of days have been pretty lazy.  We don’t really have any type of schedule going.  We sleep when we are sleepy and eat when we are hungry.  Every once in a while we walk around Baltimore for a while but we are definitely not used to this cold.  It’s still fun to walk around somewhere new.

We had a few beers with Rick from the band “See Camden” and had an amazing time.  This guy is great to be around; we talked about the music scene here in Maryland, his experience playing around and he also had some solid, constructive advice for us.  You can check out his band  following the link below (or just clicking on Rick’s picture)


We’ve also been watching a couple of movies.  I highly recommend the movie “Seven” with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.  These guys have amazing chemistry acting together and the story to this movie is simply genius.  If you are into the whole “crime solving/thriller/ridiculously amazing story” genre then you will definitely appreciate this movie.

Joel had a few setbacks before arriving to Baltimore but he’s finally here and tomorrow the five of us will head over to our Producer’s (Justin Day’s) studio to meet up with him and hang out.  We couldn’t be more excited: D

I’ve also been doing a bit of last minute adjustments to some of the guitar and bass parts to take into pre-production.

Something interesting is that we made a friend who is our roommate in this dorm , her name is Gabrielle and she has a Chameleon!! How badass is that? We’ve been having a lot of fun watching him climb up our arms and heads haha!

Well that’s all for now!  I’ll be letting you all know when I update this blog via Facebook and Twitter.  Also, if you have anything you’d like to know about what we’re doing, go ahead and ask away in the comments section 🙂

Pre-Production Update!

8 Dec

The video says it all…

If you don’t understand, you can try the subtitles 🙂


Hey, This is Ian from Gargage and I am going to talk a little bit about what we’ve been doing in our Pre-Production sessions here at Jam Studios…

How has Pre-Production been?
Pre-Production is locking ourselves up in a room inside the studio and we play all the songs we’ve never played together or those that we need to practice. Basically we’ve been reinventing the songs that we already had, the old ones, applying our new musical abilities and making final versions that we can take over to Baltimore to appear on the CD.

Do you have any routine?
We’ve been rehearsing two hours, three times a week, usually Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays here at Jam Studios.

What is the goal behind going to the States to record?
What we want to achieve truly is to go to the States with good material, that the Producer be impressed, and obviously us be prepared to deliver all the material that we want to expose on our first CD and obviously create the best possible first impression…